Our conservation and environmental goals

Henga Lodge embodies the ethos to protect, prolong and preserve our special island and its precious resources. 

Despite our remote location, we recycle as much as possible and only use botanical based cleaning products and natural toiletries which are kinder to nature.  We ask that guests are concious about plastic products bought to the island. 

Water is a precious resource on the island. We ask that guests are conscious about conserving the amount of water used and limit shower times.

Conscious about offsetting your carbon footprint when you travel?


Here at Henga Lodge, we believe everyone who lives here and travels to Rēkohu has a responsibility to help look after our whenua.  

As part of our sustainable tourism commitment, we offer guests the unique opportunity to offset your carbon footprint and contribute positively to Chatham Island conservation through our Trees for Travellers scheme.


Leave a lasting impression


When you book your Chatham Island holiday with Henga Lodge you will be asked if you would like to purchase our 'Henga Welcome Pack'. 

$10 from every pack is then donated to our 'Trees for Travellers' scheme. Your kind donation is used to purchase a tree native to Rēkohu and have it planted in one of the Hokotehi reserves during the planting season as a way of giving back to the land and creating a lasting memory of your stay.  

As part of the Welcome Pack, you also receive a certificate in recognition of your donation and support, a stainless steel drink bottle, welcome drink on arrival and 2 locally made gifts to take home with you.

Together we can make a big difference.