Kopinga Marae

Kopinga Marae (pronunced”Cor-ping-a Mah-rye”) is the stunning new meeting house of the Moriori people. Located in the centre of the main island in the Chathams group, Kopinga also hosts the offices of Hokotehi Moriori Trust; the organisation that represents the Moriori people.

Moriori are the descendants of Rongomaiwhenua and Rongomaitere on the islands of Rekohu and Rangiaotea (Chatham Islands and Pitt Island) in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Kopinga Marae – Rekohu Chatham Islands

Kopinga Marae was opened in January 2005. The opening was attended by hundreds of people, including the Prime Minister, Maori Queen, tribal leaders, politicians, corporate leaders and the Moriori people. Kopinga represents a spiritual outpouring and awakening for te Imi Moriori.

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One of the many compelling reasons for building Kopinga Marae was to re-establish a central base on Rekohu where Moriori could meet, celebrate, debate and just be together. For the past 20 years whenever Moriori had meetings, hui or wananga to attend on Rekohu, they were spread around the Island and had no place to call their own.

Kopinga Marae is a tribute to the Moriori ancestors’ legacy of peace. The central Pou which sits on the Tuahu in the centre of the House is a dedication to them and the sacrifices that they made in holding fast to the covenant of peace in the face of the greatest provocation and adversity that they had ever confronted.

Kopinga Marae is destined to form a central part of international peace studies, has played a role in the International Peace March of 2009, the launch of the School Jounals 2011 and the upcoming Me Rongo Congress for Peace, Sustainability and Respect for the Sacred 2011.