Our Team | Henga Lodge

Meat our professional & friendly team at Henga Lodge. We focus on looking after you & ensuring your visit to the island is one to remember. Contact us today!

Our friendly team is dedicated to looking after you and ensuring your visit to the island is one to remember. A stay at Henga Lodge will ensure you experience the very best Chatham Island has to offer.

Leading the team is Bernadette (featured left) our awesome Lodge Manager. She is always on hand during your stay to assist you and ensure it is an enjoyable one. Bernadette is passionate about the Chathams and is also a big animal lover. Quite often you'll find a couple of little lamb orphans trotting around after her.

Centered On Heritage

Owned and operated by the Hokotehi Moriori Trust; the mandated tribal organisation which represents the indigenous Moriori people of the Chatham Islands, Henga Lodge is focussed on promoting awareness and preservation of the Moriori culture.  Many of our team are of Moriori lineage and are happy to share their stories and experiences with guests - many guests reflect on these experiences long after they depart Rēkohu.

Significant, scared cultural sites are in abundance across the islands, including Kōpinga Marae, Rākau Momori at Hāpūpū (living tree engravings), Nunuku's Cave, Basalt Columns, Tame Horomona Rēhe memorial and conservation areas which boast endemic populations of rare birds and plant life.


We encourage you to come and discover Moriori hospitality and peaceful culture.