What you need to know before you go

Getting Here

Direct flights are available from New Zealand - Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch year round flying Air Chathams.  Over the summer months of November to March the schedule increases.

Flights on the 40-seater Convair 580 aircraft usually take one hours and 45 minutes depending on weather conditions - Auckland flight time is slightly longer.  The airline has strict baggage rules and we recommend checking www.airchathams.co.nz for information prior to your visit.

Henga Lodge can assist you in organising guaranteed airfares, combined with accommodation, rental vehicles and tour packages.



Chathams Time

The local time zone for Chatham Islands is 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time.  Islanders are proud to claim the title of 'first to see the sun' and getting up early to greet the sunrise is a special experience.



Rekohu weather is a well guarded secret!  Because the island is a long way from other, larger land-masses, weather moves quickly over the island – rain seldom stays for long but almost always leaves rainbows.  The summer months (November to March) can be hot (up to 280) but expect rain at any time of the year.  Regardless of season, we recommend a good rain & wind-proof jacket, sunglasses, sunblock and good walking shoes.


Health Facilities

Rēkohu has a Health Centre and doctors’ appointments are available Mon-Fri 8.30am-12noon.  Doctor is available via the hospital outside of hours for emergencies only.  Charges may apply for non-residents.  It is important to remind all members of your party to bring medicines with them.


Fishing regulations

Please note that there are strict rules upon the number of fish you can take home with you, including Paua, Koura and Cod.  We encourage visitors to take what you need and not what you want or might be entitled to.  Remember, the fishing industry is the life blood of Rēkohu and its people. If you wish to take fish home with you please support the local economy and buy it from the local outlet - our team can assist you with this. Checks are made at the airport on departure by our local fisheries officer.


Rēkohu is Verroa mite free.  Please do not bring honey in with you.  There is plenty of local suppliers and we request you purchase it on the island.