We specialise in tour groups and provide package deals for larger groups.  Groups tour the Chatham Islands with us to see the rare or endangered plants and birds, the amazing scenery, the abundance of fish and sea life.  Also to learn the fascinating culture and unique history.

Henga Lodge package tours include:

  • Air Fares
  • Transfers to and from airport
  • Vehicle hire or transfers on the island
  • Access fees to all attractions
  • Accommodation (share-twin)
  • All meals
  • Complimentary tea and coffee available 24/7
  • Competent, authentic local guides
  • Historic sites
  • Culturally significant sites
  • Special Kopinga Marae tours
  • Cafe-style cuisine

Air Chathams is the only airline that services the Chathams. Visit the Air Chathams site for flight details and booking information.

Package Tour Options

  • Charter cruises – around the coast to Pitt and offshore islands.
  • Day trips to Pitt Island – Fly to Pitt Is and enjoy a 4WD tour with local guide. Lunch provided.
  • Guided daily tours – see Rekohu with experienced guide, new experiences every day.
  • Fishing, diving or snorkling – experienced operators will to the best diving and fishing spots.
  • Scenic flights – 40 minute flight, see Rekohu from above. Transfers to and from airport.
  • Exclusive walks on private lands – enjoy some of the best walks the island offers
  • Hunting trips – these are usually day trips at most.
    • Hunt wild sheep on Pitt Island
    • Pig hunting on Rekohu the traditional way
    • Bull hunting

There is no other tour provider able to offer such unrestricted access to all of the Islands attractions, including the magical Kopinga Moriori Marae, Moriori Ethnobotanical Gardens (MEG), Nunuku’s cave.

For any information about all upcoming Henga Lodge Tours of Rekohu: Chatham Islands Contact Us